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ButlerSquared Consulting, LLC

Why choose Butler Squared Consulting, LLC, for your business?

Budgeting and Taxes

We explore options to help you achieve your goals. We perform a detailed analysis of your
finances to develop a simple strategy that you can use to pay off debt, buy a home, or whatever
you need to focus on to achieve your goals.


We assist you with options to help you protect your greatest assets. Even though the market may
be down at times, you can protect your money through various options.


We provide training and assistance to entrepreneurs to be successful within the space of owning
a business. There are many challenges that business owners face. We help you navigate the
challenges to develop an action plan to be successful.


"I have known Donald as a professional colleague and a trusted friend for over 18+ years.  We've shared common professional and personal experiences, offered advice, and positively encouraged one another over the years.  Recently, I expressed a desire to leave my 15-year audit career with the federal government.  At that point, I needed some encouragement and direction and Donald provided me with something better...OPPORTUNITY!!!!!  Donald strongly encouraged me to consider starting my own business and be my own boss.  After careful consideration, I thought "why not?"  Now the rest is history!!!  Thank you so much Donald!!!!!  The best is yet to come!!!"     


- Melson L. Tookes

Donald Butler saved my LIFE! I had no clue in the area of finance and working with Him over the past 15 years has not only been beneficial during tax season but incredibly helpful in all financial decisions. Because of his expert advise, My husband and I are walking into the year of 2019 DEBT FREE!

- Jessica Greene

Donald is a Godly Teacher who devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest to his students.  Donald makes you feel very open and receptive to comments and suggestions as to how to grow and improve in the understanding of finances.   He teaches you how to handle your money and keep it working for you and not you working for it!!

I love his Godly ways of informing his students on how serious it is to be watchful of how you should speak to yourself and over yourself about money.  

Donald finds that it is very important that we evaluate and elevate our way of thinking to come into alignment with the words of God concerning finances.  I am very proud and honored to be his student.

- Estelle Stevenson

I would like to first say, that Donald and Alberta are an extraordinary couple.  They carry the Mantle of Finance and they flow with the anointing of The Holy Spirit. They are passionate in their teaching and they are compassionate towards others.  I can say that the information that have learned has been mind altering and life changing.

I have started my Handcrafted Jewelry Business since taking this class.  I have learned to keep my vision before me at all times and to walk in expectation and believe, that I already possess all that I desire. In doing so, I can say I am attracting everything I need to fulfill my vision.

- K. Brooks

I am writing to express my thanks to you and your wife for such an extraordinary and productive finance class. The quality of your courses is very high and there are always ample opportunities to interact with you and learn from the class’s diverse context. The hospitality we receive is outstanding.

I'm really glad that I was given the opportunity to join the two classes I’ve taken from you. Your courses have definitely helped me so much to realize certain things that I have been lacking and opened my mind for further learning and improvement. Thank you so much for your hard work... I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the next course. Thanks again 

- Marquita Stevenson


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