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Industries We Serve

At Butler Squared, we know that your industry has unique accounting issues and business consulting needs.

As certified public accountants and dedicated business consultants, we are here to offer our support to a wide spectrum of businesses and organizations, each with their unique needs. Whether it's crafting effective tax planning strategies, conducting thorough auditing and reviews, optimizing inventory management, analyzing cash flow, evaluating office staff performance, performing operational assessments, or designing IT strategies, we have the comprehensive skill set and experience to provide solutions that match your specific requirements.


We're not just consultants; we are industry leaders, constantly striving to excel in our specialty areas. Why? Because we believe that industry knowledge is the cornerstone of exceptional service. We are committed to imparting our intimate understanding of various sectors to you, ensuring that our expertise aligns perfectly with your needs. Choose your industry below to explore how we can enhance your business operations and drive your success to new heights.

Behavorial Health
Real Estate

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